Ana Sayfa > Leadshine NEMA 23 180 W entegre servo motor iSV-B23180 (eşit Leadshine iSV5718V36) 1000 hat kodlayıcı + servo sürücü ile

Leadshine NEMA 23 180 W entegre servo motor iSV-B23180 (eşit Leadshine iSV5718V36) 1000 hat kodlayıcı + servo sürücü ile

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  • verim: IE 3
  • Sürekli Akım ( A ): 6A Max
  • kullanım: laser cutters, laser markers, high precision X-Y tables, CNC router
  • çıkış Gücü: 180 W
  • Özelliği koruyun: tamamen Kapalı
  • tip: servo Motor
  • İnşaat: daimi Mıknatıs
  • belgeleme: CCC,CE,ROHS,UL
  • dönme momenti: 1.5 N.M Peak
  • Hızı ( RPM ): 3000 rpm
  • değiştirme: fırçasız
  • Voltaj ( V ): 36 VDC
  • Model Numarası: iSV-B23180
  • Equal Model 01: iSV-B23180-01
  • Equal Model 02: iSV5718V36-1000
  • Birim Tipi: parça
  • Paket Boyutu: 15cm x 15cm x 15cm (5.91in x 5.91in x 5.91in)

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Leadshine iSV-B23180 NEMA 23 180W Integrated Servo Motor
with 1000-Line Encoder,3000 RPM
Step & Direction Control; 18-50VDC / 6 A
1: The Leadshine iSV-B23180 equal to Leadshine iSV-B23180-01 or Leadshine iSV5718V36-1000
2: The following description is based on Leadshine iSV-B23180 .
3: You will receive the model : Leadshine iSV5718V36-1000 .
Leadshine iSV-B23180 is an integrated unit of a 180W brushless servo motor with 1,000-line incremental encoder, and a digital servo drive. At 36 VDC rated voltage, it can run up to 4,000 RPM (peak) and output up to 1.5 N.m peak toque.
With the servo motor, encoder, and servo drive integrated together, an iSV-B23180 integrated easy servo motor is at very compact size. Because of eliminated power & encoder cables in discrete brushless servo systems, it saves costs of cables & connection labor, simplifies installation, reduces space requirement, and increases reliability.
The servo drive module settings of an iSV-23180 integrated servo motor is optimized for the integrated 180W servo motor for excellent performance. This integrated servo motor can move smoothly and quietly at very high speed and quick acceleration.
The iSV-B23180 integrated servo motor has the installation frame size of NEMA 23, which is compatible with standard NEMA 23 stepper motors. Therefore, it is perfect for upgrading an open loop stepper system for better performance. To simplify the upgrade from a stepper system, an iSV-B23180 integrated servo motor has a built-in 8-bit DIP switch which allows easy setting of 400-51,200 pulses per revolution.
The iSV-B23180 integrated servo motor takes step & direction input and is very easy to implements. An iSV-B23180 also comes with two general outputs, the "In Position" and "Fault Output", which is very useful in many OEM applications.
The iSV-B23180 integrated servo motors are at industrial grade quality and haver been adopted by many OEM clients in the world in applications such as CNC applications, X-Y tables, plotters, wide-format inkjet printers, electronic & semiconductor equipment, robots, etc.
Brushless servo motor integrated servo drive (motor + encoder + drive)
Minimized cabling for simple installation and saving space
1000-line integrated incremental encoder
High performance with optimized configuration
Step and direction control
NEMA 23 frame size
Rated power: 180 W
Rated voltage: 36 VDC
Continuous torque: 85 oz-in (0.6 Nm); peak torque: 212 oz-in (1.5 Nm)
Rated speed: 3,000 RPM; peak speed: 4,000 RPM
Connectors and Pin Assignment:
Protection Indications:
DIP Switch Settings:
Typical Connection:
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